Al-Qaeda begins air operations with Saudi approval

Al-Qaeda began widespread attacks against factions loyal to the UAE in southern Yemen today.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Al-Qaeda carried out attacks in Abyan and Shabwa, including drone strikes.

The transitional forces’ locations in Mudiay and a camp in Al-Musaina in the Al-Sayeed district are the most prominent camps targeted by Al-Qaeda.

Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for these attacks, promising more.

The organization’s attacks coincided hours after Saudi intelligence disclosed information regarding Al-Qaeda’s intention to target what they referred to as “government forces,” indicating the factions loyal to the coalition in southern Yemen.

The attacks will be carried out via drones and explosive devices, according to Abdullah Al Hotylah, assistant editor-in-chief of the official newspaper Okaz and close to intelligence.

Al Hotylah had commented on the killing and injury of seven members of the pro-UAE factions in Shabwa by explosive devices.

The coincidence of attacks was seen by experts as Saudi Arabia’s endorsement and approval of escalation against the UAE.

Al-Qaeda’s focus on the southern transitional factions indicates that it is a reaction to the Transitional Council’s arrangements for escalation under Emirati guidance against Saudi efforts to exit the quagmire of the war by reaching an agreement with Sana’a.

The escalation of Al-Qaeda would distract the Transitional Council in the south and keep them away from the arrangements for shifting the battle to the east.

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