Chaos claimed the lives of 40 citizens within hours in coalition-controlled areas

Military factions affiliated with the Saudi-Emirati coalition have killed a “truck” driver at a checkpoint in Aden.

Follow-ups / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The citizen Nasser Al-Baydhani was killed by members at the Hudaydah Military Factory checkpoint at the entrance of Aden, according to sources.

As a result of the chaos and security deterioration fueled by the coalition, a number of crimes have been committed in regions under coalition control over the previous hours, including this one.

According to sources, citizens found the body of Ghamdan Nabil Abdul Aziz, 35 years old, inside the sewage system behind Block 37 in Al-Mansoura. A pistol was found next to the body, in addition to traces of entry and exit gunshot wounds to the head.

Three citizens were killed, and five others were injured in Lahj Province as a result of intense tribal clashes between gunmen from the Al-Atirah and Al-Khalqi tribes in Al-Subaiha-Tur Al-Baha.

As a result of the worsening in security, these crimes are added to Sunday’s horrible toll, in which more than 30 people were killed and injured due to the explosion of explosive devices in Shabwa, Abyan, and Aden.

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