More than a thousand missing under the rubble in Gaza

The Civil Defense confirmed the presence of more than 1,000 missing individuals under the rubble of buildings destroyed by Israeli occupation aircraft in the Gaza Strip, including martyrs and the injured. They noted that several survivors had been rescued from the rubble 24 hours after the bombing.

Follow up / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

During a press conference held at the Shifa Medical Complex, the Civil Defense explained that they have responded to thousands of distress calls from citizens since the start of the Israeli aggression. The repeated targeting of civilian facilities has resulted in the destruction of 2,185 residential buildings, placing a heavy burden on the capabilities of the Civil Defense.

They further explained that their fleet, consisting of only 32 firefighting and rescue vehicles, has been deployed throughout all governorates of the Gaza Strip. However, the multitude of hotspots has simultaneously hindered the execution of many tasks or delayed them until ongoing open-field operations are completed.

The Civil Defense held the International Committee of Civil Protection and Civil Defense legally and humanitarianly responsible for their lack of support in Gaza, despite numerous appeals made in this regard.

They emphasized that the continuation of the aggression heralds a real catastrophe and renders them incapable of fulfilling their duties towards our people, which exacerbates the crisis and significantly increases the number of casualties. They called on the free world, Arab brethren, and especially Egypt, to provide firefighting and rescue vehicles, as well as devices for detecting survivors under the rubble.

Along with respirators and breathing masks, the Civil Defense demanded that heavy equipment be provided, as well as rescue squads outfitted in a manner similar to those used in disasters across the world.

They urged for the opening of crossings and the provision of necessary humanitarian aid to the citizens, as well as the support and reinforcement of their working teams with fully equipped Civil Defense crews and resources, including fuel. They called for the implementation of international humanitarian law to protect humanitarian service providers and ensure an urgent response while safeguarding civilian facilities and protecting the citizens in the Gaza Strip.

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