An Arab Spring for Palestine: Demonstrations in various capitals and chants demanding the expulsion of ambassadors of the West

The Arab Street witnessed an angry popular uprising condemning the brutal Israeli enemy’s crimes in Gaza, the latest of which was the bombing of Al-Ahly Baptist Hospital, resulting in the martyrdom and injury of nearly 1,000 civilians.

Exclusive / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Before Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas’ Political Bureau, called for demonstrations across the Arab world, popular demonstrations erupted in more than one Arab capital, resembling a roaring flood.

In Tunisia, thousands of Tunisians participated in angry street demonstrations, and they are still gathered in front of the French embassy in the Tunisian capital, chanting angry slogans against the Israeli entity and Western countries loyal to it, with France at the forefront. They demanded the immediate ejection of the French ambassador from their country.

Tunisians considered that the role that France plays on the African continent is similar to that of the Israeli entity.

Given that the West is concerned about any Arab or Islamic uprisings against Western hegemony in their countries, the Tunisians’ demand that the French ambassador be expelled from their country shows that the consequences of Israel’s brutal aggression on Gaza will extend to include the supportive and backing countries of the Israeli entity.

Demonstrators gathered in front of the American embassy in both Mauritania and Iraq, where they chanted slogans calling for the ambassadors to be expelled and even tried to storm the building. The gate of the Israeli occupation embassy in Jordan was set on fire, and they attempted to storm it. Demonstrators also assembled in front of the Israeli embassy in Turkey and made an attempt to storm it.

In the capital, Sana’a, thousands of demonstrators came out condemning the Zionist crime and authorizing Ansar Allah’s leader to participate in deterring the Israeli occupation’s arrogance in Gaza.

Likewise, Beirut witnessed a demonstration in front of the French embassy and another in front of the American embassy, with citizens throwing stones at both embassies.

As for the occupied Palestinian interior, unprecedented anger is witnessed against the entity.

Hezbollah called for tomorrow, Wednesday, to be an unparalleled day of anger against the enemy and its crimes, as well as against Biden’s visit to the Zionist entity to cover up and protect this criminal entity. The message should be crystal clear: this is a day that will mark a new chapter in the path of resistance, victory, and retribution for the oppressed against the oppressor.

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