The occupation commits an unprecedented genocide and reduces the land of Gaza to a mass of flame

The Gaza Strip is being subjected to the most ferocious and brutal bombardment by the criminal Zionist occupation, launching hundreds of raids on areas in the north and east of the Strip that turned the land into a mass of flames and the sky into a cloud of smoke.

As the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced that all hospitals had received bombing warnings and orders to evacuate, footage released by media outlets showed the occupation’s bombardment of citizens homes in the Gaza Strip living under the siege.

The number of martyrs has now reached over 400, with an unknown number still under rubble without means of rescue.

A rise in the number of martyrs is predicted by the reports of Gaza hospitals running out of fuel and being unable to rescue the wounded.

So far, the number of martyrs in Gaza has approached 5,000, with over 1,800 of them being children.

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