Lebanese resistance responds to Israeli threats with extensive shelling of its positions

Today, the Islamic Resistance launched a wide-scale shelling of Israeli positions in southern Lebanon. This occurred after high-profile Israeli threats of retaliation.

Beirut / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to Lebanese media outlets, the Resistance targeted several Israeli positions with over 10 anti-tank “Cornet” missiles and about 13 mortar shells. Among the targeted sites are “Branit” and “Al-Muraj.”

Images showed smoke rising from one of the targeted positions, while media reports spoke of intense artillery exchanges in the central sector.

In the same context, Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary-General, Naim Qassem, reiterated Hezbollah’s presence in the heart of the battle to defend Lebanon, Gaza, and Palestine.

The party had previously mourned the martyrdom of more than 33 of its fighters since the start of the confrontation on the northern frontlines of the occupied territories.

Attacks on Israeli occupation sites in southern Lebanon have increased recently, following threats made by Ben Horstog, the occupation president, and his head of government before him to attack Lebanon if Hezbollah joins the war. This is part of an Israeli, American, and Western effort to exert pressure on Hezbollah to stay out of the ongoing battles in the occupied territories.

Israel and the US fear Hezbollah’s entry forcefully, especially since the party has identified the ground operation in Gaza as a red line for forceful entry into the battle.

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