Al-Ajri: Even if the land’s fleets gather in the Red Sea, they will not bring safety to Israel

Abdulmalik Al-Ajri, a member of the Sana’a negotiating delegation, confirmed on Wednesday that restoring calm in the Red Sea is linked to the return of calm to Gaza. This came in response to American efforts to form a naval military alliance to protect “Israeli” ships prohibited from passing by Sana’a’s decision.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In a post on the X platform, Al-Ajri stated, “It is good to see some international parties realizing that there is no way to prevent the escalation, especially in the Red Sea, except by pushing for a permanent ceasefire and lifting the blockade on Gaza.”

He added, “Those who have not reached such conviction yet should understand well that even if the land’s fleets gather in the Red Sea, they will not bring safety to Israel, its ships, or those heading towards it.”

In light of the military operations in the Red and Arabian Seas, Mohammed Abdul Salam, the head of the Sana’a delegation in political negotiations, disclosed earlier today that they had received calls from a number of nations he described as influential.

Abdul Salam stated on the X platform that these unnamed countries have affirmed their resolve to support the Palestinian people with humanitarian aid and their opposition to the expansion of the conflict, referring to their opposition to Israeli and American moves.

And he stressed to these nations the significance of translating these stances into tangible actions, while expressing Sana’a’s support for all positions calling for a ceasefire and the delivery of aid.

The head of the Sana’a delegation in political negotiations stressed that Yemen’s position will remain firm alongside the Palestinian people until the aggression stops and the blockade on Gaza is lifted.

Yesterday, Sana’a forces revealed the execution of a military operation targeting a ship that disregarded warnings and was sailing toward the occupation entity. The attack targeted the Norwegian ship “Estrinda,” which was carrying oil and sailing toward the Israeli entity, according to Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the spokesman for the Sana’a forces.

He stated that this operation came as a “victory for the injustice of the Palestinian people, who are currently being subjected to killing, destruction, and siege in the Gaza Strip,” as well as a “response to the calls of the free people from the sons of our great Yemeni people and the people of our nation.”

Saree confirmed that Sana’a forces will not hesitate “to target any ship that violates the previous statements,” referring to the decision to prevent ships from crossing to the Israeli enemy, regardless of its nationality, unless Gaza and its residents are fully supplied with food and medicine.

The statement by Sanaa forces emphasized their commitment to “continuing to prevent all ships of all nationalities heading to Israeli ports from navigating in the Arabian and Red Seas until our steadfast brothers in the Gaza Strip receive the full provisions of food and medicine.”

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