Sana’a announces the targeting of the “Maersik Gebrelater” ship heading to Israel with a drone

Brigadier General Yahya Saree, spokesman for the Sana’a forces, announced Thursday the targeting of the container ship “Maersik Gebrelater” heading to the Israeli entity with a drone, resulting in a direct hit.

Follow up – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Brigadier General Saree stated in a military statement that the naval forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out a military operation against the container ship “Maersik Gebrelater,” which was heading to the Israeli entity and was targeted by a drone, resulting in a direct hit.

He stated that this operation came as a “victory for the injustice of the Palestinian people, who are currently being subjected to killing, destruction, and siege in the Gaza Strip,” as well as a “response to the calls of the free people from the sons of our great Yemeni people and the people of our nation.”

Brigadier General Saree confirmed that the targeting operation came after the ship’s crew refused to respond to the calls of the Yemeni naval forces, and he emphasized that the operation succeeded in preventing the passage of several ships heading to the Israeli entity in the past 48 hours.

The statement by Sanaa forces emphasized their commitment to “continuing to prevent all ships of all nationalities heading to Israeli ports from navigating in the Arabian and Red Seas until our steadfast brothers in the Gaza Strip receive the full provisions of food and medicine.”

Earlier, Yahya Saree, spokesman for the Sanaa forces, announced the escalation of measures against the Zionist entity in solidarity with Gaza, referring to the decision to prevent ships from crossing to the Israeli enemy, regardless of its nationality, unless Gaza and its residents are fully supplied with food and medicine.

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