A qualitative operations of Hezbollah against enemy sites

Hezbollah continues its offensive operations against Israeli enemy sites in northern occupied Palestine for the second consecutive month.

Follow-ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In the past few hours, a targeted aerial attack was carried out by an assault drone on the site of Israeli enemy soldiers outside the Rameem barracks (the occupied Lebanese village of Hounine), resulting in confirmed injuries among its members.

Hezbollah mujahideen targeted a well-equipped force of the Israeli army at the Al-Metulla site using appropriate weapons, causing direct hits.

A group of Israeli enemy soldiers was also detected entering two houses in the Al-Manara settlement, and they targeted the two houses with appropriate weapons, directly hitting them and killing and wounding a number of soldiers.

Furthermore, a gathering of Israeli enemy soldiers in the Rameem forest was targeted with appropriate weapons, as well as a site where Israeli enemy army soldiers were holed up at the Birkat Risha site, using a guided missile, resulting in their being killed and injured.

At the Birkat Risha site, Hezbollah targeted an Israeli infantry force with suitable weapons, achieving confirmed hits.

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