Sinking an Israeli ship and damaging a Norwegian in the Red Sea

New attacks against Israeli ships took place in the Bab Al-Mandeb strait on Monday.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to Inventor Chemical Tankers, a Norwegian company, an unidentified object targeted one of its carriers. Meanwhile, maritime reports indicated that a second ship named “Aswan Atlantic,” owned by the Israeli company Ophir, sustained severe damage from a ballistic missile attack and is expected to sink.

The British Commercial Operations Organization stated in its reports that two attacks occurred in the Red Sea, while media reports mentioned a third ship altering its course away from the Bab Al-Mandeb strait.

The Al-Jazeera channel quoted an unnamed Yemeni official who confirmed that the attacks were carried out using ballistic missiles.

These new attacks are an extension of Sana’a’s decision to close the Bab Al-Mandeb strait to Israeli ships heading to its ports in solidarity with Gaza.

The attacks come on the eve of the US’s announcement to enhance the deployment of its battleships in the Red Sea.

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