Israeli admission of the continuation of the ports crisis in the Red Sea

The Israeli occupation government confirmed the continuation of the ports crisis on the Red Sea.

This comes following American attempts to pressure Yemen to lift the blockade.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to Reuters, the director of the Eilat Port confirmed that the main port on the Red Sea is still out of service since Sana’a’s decision weeks ago to ban the activity of ships heading to it, indicating that the port has lost 85% of its daily operations.

Although the Israeli official had previously confirmed the loss of the port, which decided to lay off workers and implement austerity measures for about 85% of its profits, his recent statement indicates that the American announcement of forming an alliance to protect Israel in the Red Sea had no impact on the movement to and from the port.

Israeli navigation at the Red Sea ports has not been affected but has expanded to include ports on the Mediterranean coast, with many international shipping companies deciding to divert its route via the Cape of Good Hope, which may take weeks.

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