US-British pressure on the West over shipping costs

On Thursday, the US and Britain began reviewing shipping costs in an attempt to further prompt Western countries to join their alliance to protect Israel in the Red Sea. This comes as the chances of resuming its military activities in the Red Sea diminish.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Washington has prompted global shipping companies to significantly raise transportation fees.

According to Bloomberg, container shipping prices have risen by 173%, while Chinese reports indicate that shipping rates between Asian and European ports have reached around $500.

Although, according to economic experts, raising the fees is a natural reflection of the redirection of ships associated with Israel away from the Red Sea, America and Britain are trying to promote it as a means to rally international support for the war on Yemen or to pressure it to halt attacks on Israeli ships.

The two allies have attempted to promote what they describe as the damages caused by Yemeni operations on international shipping.

They have prompted the head of the International Trade Organization to claim that 18 international shipping companies have changed their routes while distributing satellite images showing the Red Sea free of navigation traffic.

These actions are part of a parallel media campaign to diplomatic and military maneuvers aimed at mobilizing international support in the Red Sea amidst the international boycott of it and demands to exert pressure on Israel to end the Gaza war.

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