France debunks British propaganda about “Houthi” attacks

On Thursday, France debunked a British attempt to market new propaganda at the Security Council, claiming that Yemeni attacks in the Red Sea are indiscriminate.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The French global shipping company, CMA CGM, issued a statement confirming that one of its ships crossed the Egyptian ports via the Red Sea without being intercepted by what it described as “the Houthis.”

The statement coincided with Britain’s attempt, through its representative at the Security Council, to promote new concerns about Yemeni operations in the Red Sea, claiming that they are “indiscriminate” and not only targeting ships associated with Israel.

The statement by the company, in which Sana’a previously intercepted several of its ships heading to Israeli ports, is further evidence that Yemeni operations were not indiscriminate but rather specific, and that they were not aimed at international shipping but to disengage from Israel and pressuring for the lifting of the blockade on the sector.

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