Israeli Newspaper: Yemeni operations raised transport prices to Israel three-fold

As a result of the ban on Israeli ships crossing the Red Sea, Israeli shipping company “ZIM” announced that starting today (Thursday), the price of containers coming from the East will increase by an additional $500–1000.

Follow-up – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The written message to the company’s clients stated the following: “Following our previous consultations on December 18, 2023, regarding the current security concerns in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, and in light of the increasing demand, ZIM is implementing a peak season tax plan from Far East ports to Israel. The mentioned surcharge is in addition to the applied basic shipping rates and security-related fees as listed in the ZIM Rate Calculator, along with other fees for additional services, local charges, and more.”

Elad Barshan, Customs Agent and Co-Founder of SlickChain, a platform for international vehicle shipping, told “Israel Hayom” newspaper, which is affiliated with the Zionist enemy: “The increase announced today by ZIM regarding the increase in ‘peak season tax’ to $1000 per 40-foot container from the Far East adds to the series of increases that have already been announced following the blockade on the Red Sea, including the increase in the base transportation price and additional fees such as the “fuel tax.”

He added, “These price increases complete a leap in container transport prices from the East, exceeding three times the cost, and it is not unlikely that further increases will be announced in the future as the crisis in the Red Sea continues.”

Barshan explains, “This means that all goods arriving from the Far East in the next two months will be at higher prices.”

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