Britain withdraws again from the American aggression on Yemen

Britain revealed on Thursday its refusal to participate in the recent American aggression on Yemen. This comes in conjunction with efforts in the region to reduce tension with Sana’a.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Diplomatic sources reported that British Defense Minister Greg Shapps informed his American counterpart, Lloyd Austin, of his country’s unwillingness to escalate the situation amidst the movement of the Foreign Minister in the Gulf.

American media outlets confirmed that Austin had a call with his British counterpart prior to launching a new attack on Yemen, stating that the call discussed the Red Sea attacks.

The US Central Command confirmed its independent involvement in the recent aggression, which targeted the provinces of Hudaydah and Sa’ada.

The British rejection comes in conjunction with a tour by Foreign Minister David Cameron, which has included Oman and Saudi Arabia so far.

Cameron discussed with his Omani counterpart, according to the British Foreign Ministry, ways to de-escalate the situation in the Red Sea.

He also emphasized, during his meeting with Rashad Al-Alimi, the head of the Presidential Council, which is loyal to the coalition in southern Yemen, as well as the Saudi Crown Prince, the resumption of the political process in Yemen.

It is not clear whether Britain, which is facing difficulties in dealing with the new reality in Yemen, seeks to activate the political file in order to ignite an internal war or as part of attempts to entice Sana’a in exchange for ceasing operations against it. However, its threats to resume the Yemeni blockade indicate that it is planning to push towards igniting a “domestic” war in Yemen.

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