Sana’a reveals the American-British failure to protect Zionist occupation ships

Yesterday, Sana’a revealed the state of failure and confusion within the American-British alliance in providing protection for the ships of the Zionist occupation entity in the Red Sea.

Exclusive Follow ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Ali Al-Qahoum, a member of the Political Bureau of the Ansar Allah movement (Al-Houthis), affirmed that despite the American-British failure, they continue to support the temporary entity in its ongoing criminal aggression against Gaza and the oppressed Palestinian people.

The member of the Political Bureau stated that the desperate attempts to dissuade Yemen, as a state, a people, a national consensus, and a great, brave, and honorable leader, from continuing its support for Palestine and Gaza and its heroic mujahideen are ongoing and will never stop until the aggression is halted and the siege on Gaza is lifted.

He clarified that there are clear American and British movements to escalate against Yemen, and they seek to execute it. This escalation will be met with an expansion of Yemeni military operations as part of the options and means for a strong and devastating Yemeni response.

He emphasized that the armed forces have proven that they have the capabilities, potential, developments, and defensive military industries that protect Yemen, its sovereignty, independence, and its continued support for Palestine.

Al-Qahoum stated firmly, “We will spare no effort or options in supporting the mujahideen in Gaza and the Palestinian people. We take pride and honor in standing with Palestine and its just cause, as the Yemeni Armed Forces have demonstrated in both words and actions by targeting American and British battleships and military ships.”

He concluded by saying, “We will continue to do so by preventing Israeli, American, and British maritime navigation until the aggression on Gaza, Palestine, is halted, the siege is lifted, and victory is achieved, with the permission of Allah, and Israel’s demise.”

Earlier, Sana’a forces announced the execution of a qualitative military operation that targeted an American commercial ship named “Cole,” which was heading to the ports of occupied Palestine, with several appropriate naval missiles, achieving a direct hit.

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