Important messages from Sana’a to the inside and outside

The Deputy Foreign Minister of the Sana’a government, Hussein Al-Azzi, affirmed that “navigation is safe across the Red Sea” and that the US “lies about the nature of the situation in Gaza and the southern Red Sea,” stating that “the world realizes that Washington lies.”

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

This occurred on Monday at a significant conference held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a and covered developments pertaining to the southern Red Sea navigation situation, the American-British aggression against Yemen, and including important messages to the inside and outside.

During the conference, the Deputy Foreign Minister reviewed “American lies throughout history,” such as the war against Mexico and the American battleship ruse that it relied on to attack Spain, as well as its attack on Cuba and the Philippines based on lies.

He also remembered the lies of the Soviet spy plane in the 1960s, weapons of mass destruction to invade Iraq, and the Vietnam War, when American forces invaded and committed massacres on the pretext of attacking American ships.

In the conference, Al-Azzi said, “Navigation is safe across the Red Sea,” explaining that “despite the aggression on Yemen for 9 years, navigation security has not been affected.”

Al-Azzi pointed out that “Yemen’s targeting of American and British ships is a subsequent result of the aggression against the country,” emphasizing Yemen’s steadfast position towards Palestine.

And the Deputy Foreign Minister added in his speech during the conference, “We can never remain silent about the aggression on Yemen, and it will not affect our position towards Gaza and Palestine.”

He also praised the supportive positions of Yemen in the Red Sea, saying, “We will move towards peace with all our neighboring countries,” clarifying that Yemen’s position is clear, which is “preventing Israeli ships heading to the occupied Palestinian ports until the aggression is stopped and the siege on Gaza is lifted.”

“America has no friend, and you are at a crossroads; there is no room for tolerance with those who stand with Israel or America,” was the advice given by Al-Azzi to those involved in the alliance and its government.

Al-Azzi concluded the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a by confirming that “Sana’a is ready for peace with Riyadh despite the obstacles created by America and those influenced by Yemeni parties.”

In order to break the siege imposed by Sana’a forces on the Israeli enemy, with the aim of forcing them to stop their aggression against the Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip, during the past few weeks, the American and British enemies launched an aggression on Yemen.

In this regard, the head of the Sana’a negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdul Salam, confirmed that “the American-British aggression on Yemen will not achieve any goal for the aggressors.”

He explained that the recent American-British aggression on Yemen “will increase their crises and problems at the regional level,” pointing out that “Yemen’s decision to support Gaza is firm and principled and will not be affected by any violation.”

Abdul Salam added, “Regarding Yemen’s military capabilities, we would like to confirm that they are not easy to destroy and have been rebuilt during years of harsh war.”

In a post on his official social media pages, he elaborated, “Instead of escalating and igniting a new front in the region, America and Britain should comply with the international public opinion demanding an end to the aggression on Gaza and stop protecting Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people.”

He stated, “It must be stressed that the aggressive airstrikes, whether on our country or on Iraq and Syria, will increase the hatred of the people and unite them against the American colonial presence in the region.”

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