British refusal of US request to replace aircraft carrier in Yemen

On Monday, Britain indicated its rejection of an American proposal to deploy an aircraft carrier in Yemen.

Exclusive – Al-khabar Al-Yemeni:

The British Ministry of Defense leaked new information about the status of the British aircraft carrier “Elizabeth.” The British media quoted defense officials talking about a malfunction in the British battleship that was expected to be deployed in the Red Sea as a replacement for the Eisenhower aircraft carrier.

Although the sources did not specify the nature of the malfunction, the timing of the leak indicates that Britain, which announced days ago that its Deputy Defense Minister was studying a proposal to replace the Eisenhower with the Elizabeth, is leaning towards rejecting the US proposal.

Britain has been participating alongside America in the ongoing aggression against Yemen since January 11.

Earlier, the Chief of the British Army Staff confirmed the inability of his forces to engage in conflicts in any country, including Yemen, stating that his country’s ability does not exceed participating in airstrikes alongside the US in Yemen.

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