The Internet Society Yemen Chapter comments on claims of threats to submarine cables in Bab al-Mandab

The Internet Society – Yemen Chapter responded to media reports and several accounts and pages on Zionist and supporting social media platforms claiming the existence of threats to the submarine cables passing through Bab al-Mandab.


The Society stated in a statement received by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) a copy of it: “Out of our concern at the Internet Society – Yemen Chapter to clarify the issue, we contacted the leadership of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Sanaa to explain the claims.”

The statement added: “A responsible source at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology confirmed the denial of any threats to the submarine cables, and that the approach of the Yemeni state represented by the Ministry of Communications focuses on developing and building telecommunications and internet services and expanding its services through national and licensed institutions and companies, primarily the Yemen Telecommunications Company – TeleYemen.”

According to the statement of the Internet Society Yemen Chapter, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is proceeding with steps to develop the infrastructure and international internet gateways in order to continue transitioning to modern telecommunications technologies, overcoming all difficulties and challenges.

The statement continued: “The Ministry of Communications confirms that all the recently circulated claims of threats to submarine cables are fabricated lies aimed at covering up the crimes committed by the Zionist entity in the Gaza Strip with unlimited American and Western support.”

The Internet Society stated: “The Yemeni Ministry of Communications operates with a national vision and strategy, continuing to build regional and international partnerships through the ongoing contribution of Yemeni telecommunications in its current and future regional and international partnerships, developing its common interests with its partners, including submarine cable projects and regional data centers, in a way that preserves Yemen’s rights, sovereignty, and interests.”

The Society reiterated its continuous demand for improving internet quality, ensuring its continuity, and providing multiple sources to ensure the continuation of internet services.. affirming that the Ministry of Communications will spare no effort in this field.

It added, “We confirm that we in the Internet Society have not observed any action or intention for such acts, and we express our deep concern that the publication of such claims, which reflect the intention of external parties that may target these submarine cables and attribute them to Yemenis.”

The Internet Society’s statement appealed to everyone to neutralize this service sector from conflicts and not to issue such claims that could undermine an important human right according to the United Nations charters.


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