Renewed American airstrikes on Yemen as attacks continue in the Red Sea

The US renewed its airstrikes on Yemen on Monday, coinciding with reports of a new attack on American battleships.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

American warplanes conducted a fresh airstrike on the province of Hudaydah on the western coast.

Local sources reported that the airstrike targeted the Al-Katheb area.

This airstrike marks the seventeenth since Sunday evening, with American and British planes launching around 11 airstrikes on various areas in the city. These include eight airstrikes on the Ras Issa area, in addition to two in the Zaydiyah district and one on the Al-Hawk district.

Media sources also reported that the province of Sa’ada was targeted by four airstrikes.

These new airstrikes are an extension of the ongoing aggression that began on January 11th, during which America and Britain conducted nearly 100 airstrikes on various cities in northern, western, and central Yemen.

In a related context, the U.S. Central Command confirmed new confrontations in the Red Sea.

The U.S. command claimed in a statement that it had destroyed four ballistic missiles targeting ships in the Red Sea.

These recent developments indicate the failure of British and American efforts to halt operations in the Red Sea.

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