Renewed million-man marches bless and support the Yemeni forces’ escalation against the occupation entity and its supporters

Yemenis continued their weekly mass rallies on Friday in a million-man march in support of Gaza under the slogan “With Gaza Holy Jihad, and No Red Lines.”

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The mass marches, which took place in the capital Sana’a and several other provinces, denounced “the horrific and ongoing Zionist massacres against the people of Gaza,” declaring their blessings and support for the Yemeni forces’ escalation in the fourth stage against the occupation entity and its supporters.

They affirmed that the US-British alliance would not be able to protect the Zionist entity from the escalating Yemeni strikes in support of Gaza.

The statement of the marches denounced the Arab summit in Bahrain while praising the student demonstrations in support of Gaza at the American University.

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