The audacity of the Al-Houthi in striking the American fleets tempts the major countries and whets their appetite for the grand operation

Recent Yemeni operations against the American fleet have raised unprecedented attention, especially among the major countries that have been engaged in deep conflicts with the US for decades and have failed, even hinting at, to intercept those fleets that are sailing the seas and oceans and raging from their eastern end to their western periphery. So how did those powers react to the Yemeni operation against “Eisenhower”?

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Since the Yemeni forces announced targeting the American aircraft carrier “Eisenhower” earlier this month, Russian and Chinese media, two of the largest countries engaged in conflicts with the US, have not stopped talking about it as if it were a new miracle in the dictionary of the Seven Wonders of the World. They have not rested as they try to understand what happened, and they have become completely convinced that the empire that has been showing off in the face of the most powerful and advanced military powers with the latest technology has evaporated in the blink of an eye and has been abused by a country that has been living for about a decade in conflicts and wars that have exhausted it economically and militarily.

According to Chinese media reports in recent days, the most important aspect is not America’s recognition of the extent of the damage or its propaganda campaign to downplay or deny the attack. Rather, the talk about the “Houthis” and their audacity towards the symbol of American power is enough to discuss the blow the “Houthis” dealt to America, even if it was “with a sandal,” as explained by one media outlet.

Regardless of the Chinese and Russian descriptions of what happened on January 3rd in the Red Sea, with America and its fleets being the weaker party, what drew attention in the Russian and Chinese movements alike was the leaderships in both countries showing interest in recent developments, to the point that the Russian president praised the “Houthis” in the face of his adversaries in Washington and the West, who have been waging a war against him for years in Ukraine and other fronts, by suggesting that he may provide them with modern technology and missile weapons.

Although Putin limited his remarks to saying that sending weapons would be to the forces confronting America and the West, Russian media outlets confirmed that the goal is the “Houthis” by showcasing their capabilities in confronting the American fleets and their weapons, which have left the West and America in a state of confusion and weakness unprecedented in history.

In addition to that, Chinese media reports have mentioned the start of the Chinese Navy’s exploration of the “Houthis” strategy during confrontations with American forces and fleets in the Red Sea, implementing it in training operations and maneuvers simulating encounters with American forces in the South China Sea.

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