America reveals fiercest confrontations in the Red Sea

The US forces have revealed the fiercest and most violent battles in the Red Sea since the start of the Yemeni operations in the region.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The US Central Command stated in a new statement that Yemeni forces carried out approximately 24 operations against American ships in the past 48 hours, at a rate of 12 operations per day.

According to US statements, the Yemeni forces launched extensive attacks on Friday, including six ballistic missiles and five drones, in addition to an attack with a torpedo boat, a day after carrying out a similar attack with nine drones, two warships, and a ballistic missile.

The US command admitted its failure to intercept the missiles, claiming to have intercepted some of the drones and torpedo boat.

Although the number announced by the Americans is much lower than the actual operations being carried out, according to maritime sources, the frequency and significant escalation of these operations in the past few hours indicate the magnitude of the confrontation, especially since it comes with the resumption of American forces’ military activity in the Red Sea after a hiatus that lasted for days due to Yemen removing the aircraft carrier “Eisenhower” from service.

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