Tow of a second US destroyer from the Red Sea

The US has withdrawn another battleship from the Red Sea, the second since the beginning of this month.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The US Navy confirmed in a statement its decision to withdraw the destroyer “USS Mason,” affirming its passage towards the Mediterranean Sea.

The tow of the “Mason” comes after confrontations that lasted for about 48 hours in the Red Sea, during which Yemeni forces carried out approximately 24 operations, according to statistics from the US Central Command. All of these operations focused on American warships and battleships.

“Mason” is the second battleship to be withdrawn within weeks, as the “USS Kearny” was previously withdrawn, and the aircraft carrier “USS Eisenhower” retreated to the northern side of the Red Sea.

This is the first time that the tow of “Mason” has been announced since its deployment in the Red Sea in 2016, despite being subjected to an aerial attack at the time while participating in logistical operations for the Saudi-led coalition.

The timing of Mason’s tow indicates its damage during the recent confrontations in the Red Sea at the end of last week.

“Mason” is one of several American battleships deployed in the Red Sea last October as part of US efforts to prevent the expansion of confrontations in Gaza. It has been withdrawn multiple times for maintenance over the past few months during the ongoing clashes with Yemeni forces.

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