Transfer of “Eisenhower” to Germany

The US Department of Defense revealed on Monday the destination of the US aircraft carrier “Eisenhower,” coinciding with the completion of its tow from the Red Sea.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder stated that the “Eisenhower” fleet is currently heading towards the headquarters of the European Command, which is based in Germany, with plans to return to the US after a period.

Ryder did not specify the reasons for the “Eisenhower” staying in Germany, but media reports suggest that it requires urgent maintenance before returning to America.

Days ago, the US decided to tow the “Eisenhower.”

The tow of the aircraft carrier and its accompanying fleet occurred before the end of the month-long period set by the Department of Defense to extend its mission in the Red Sea.

The decision also coincides with the escalation of Yemeni operations against it, as Yemen announced targeting the “Eisenhower” twice this week, bringing the total number of targeting operations to five since the beginning of the current month.

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