Sana’a | A new warning to ships violating the ban decision coincides with the disclosure of the features of the Destructive Towfan

Yemeni forces renewed their warning on Sunday to the crews of ships belonging to companies that violated the ban decision imposed on Israeli occupation ports, affirming that such violations make those ships a legitimate target.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Yemeni forces confirmed, in a video in which they unveiled the “Destructive Towfan” boat, that their operations will continue to escalate against all ships of violating companies as long as the Zionist aggression on Gaza doesn’t stop.

The video revealed the features of the boat that recently entered service, which is characterized by “high destructive capability and advanced technology.” This marks the fourth unveiling within the current month of June for a qualitative weapon that entered the battle to support Gaza, starting with the “Palestine” ballistic missile, followed by the “Towfan 1” boat and the supersonic “Hatem 2” ballistic missile.

The “Destructive Towfan” is a locally manufactured unmanned war boat that has “high destructive capability and carries a warhead weighing 1000–1500 kg. It is equipped with advanced technology, manual control, and remote control. Its speed reaches 45 nautical miles per hour, and it operates in all maritime conditions.

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