This is how the Yemeni navy surprised the world: What do they possess?!

In a quick review of the military capabilities possessed by the Sana’a forces, it is evident that their naval forces have reached an extremely advanced level of technology and capabilities, making them a strong competitor against the latest global naval forces.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Yemeni naval weapons encompass a diverse range of advanced technologies, such as unmanned boats, naval mines, suicide drones, submarines, and anti-ship missiles of the “Land-to-Sea” type. These weapons constitute an essential part of the strategic power of the Yemeni Navy.

Dramatic development during the confrontation period:

The naval forces of Sana’a have dramatically developed modern systems during the ongoing confrontations with the American and British coalition forces, as well as in implementation of the decision to ban Israeli ships in the Red and Arabian Seas.

Several types of tactical and strategic missiles have been unveiled during the past phase, such as the supersonic “Hatem 2” missile, the “Faleq 1” and “Mandeb 2” missiles, and the Russian “Robig” missiles. In addition, there are winged cruise missiles and advanced ballistic missiles from the “Red Sea” family, as well as heavy “Aasif” missiles, which represent the first practical ballistic technology used practically to strike warships.

Outstanding Performance in Naval Confrontations:

These missile technologies have demonstrated their high effectiveness in confronting the American and British fleets in the Red Sea, showcasing a high level of technological advancement achieved by Yemen.

Perhaps these missiles have surpassed their counterparts manufactured in advanced countries due to their exceptional characteristics and capabilities, such as:

1. The ability to accurately strike moving and stationary maritime targets.

2. Superior maneuverability and resistance to electronic warfare and jamming.

3. Destruction of floating ships, destroyers, frigates, and cargo ships, thanks to their powerful warheads weighing up to 500 kg.

4. Coverage of extensive areas in the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and Gulf of Aden.

A Strategic Impact on Power Balance:

With these advanced technologies, the Yemeni Navy has become an influential force in the balance of naval power. The recent period has demonstrated the depth of its impact, as American ships, despite their advanced defensive technologies, have proven ineffective in facing these weapons, indicating their inability to effectively protect their own ships and those of their allies in the region.

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