The recede of America’s goals in Yemen

The US officially confirmed on Tuesday the diminishing of its targets in Yemen. What are the dimensions of this move?

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

For the first time since the start of the US-British aggression on Yemen last January, the US declares the execution of a single operation within 24 hours, according to a statement from the US Central Command in its latest update on confrontations in the Red Sea. The targeting reportedly hit a radar belonging to what they referred to as the “Houthis” without specifying its location or the nature of the operation, whether it was an airstrike or missile attack.

Until a few weeks ago, US and British aircraft carried out dozens of airstrikes in Yemen, whether in Hudaydah, Sana’a, Sa’ada, Al-Bayda, Dhamar, or Taiz. Those airstrikes were retaliatory in nature against extensive Yemeni operations. However, today, with the Yemeni forces forcing the US aircraft carrier “Eisenhower” to leave the entire region, the US forces are no longer capable of carrying out any operations.

In reality, the US announcement of targeting a radar may not be realistic, despite the fact that drones roam the skies along the coastal areas. It is more likely an attempt to remain on the scene and demonstrate Washington’s ability to respond to what it describes as Houthi attacks, which it has recently promoted as an alternative to military presence, especially given the escalating concerns of its allies in the region regarding the consequences of its withdrawal from the Red Sea. If it were to occur, the costs of the recent operation could be very expensive.

Taking into consideration reports from navigation tracking websites about a fuel cargo plane crossing from Saudi Arabia to the southern Red Sea but conducting only one operation after 24 hours of searching raises many questions, as the Yemeni operations have been at their peak in the past few hours, not to mention the maneuvers witnessed in Yemeni cities as well.

Regardless of speculation about the reasons behind the US aggression diminishing in Yemen, the new equation for Sana’a, whether by expelling the US aircraft carrier or arresting “its spies,” is the current reality behind the US defeat in the battle of Yemen.

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