British hint of “Diamond” being hit in the Red Sea

Britain revealed on Sunday the motives behind its decision to end the mission of the destroyer “HMS Diamond.” This comes just a day after its tow from the Red Sea.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The British Defense reviewed, in a statement, the extent of the attacks that “Diamond” was subjected to in the Red Sea, claiming the interception of nine drones and a missile, apparently indicating that the decision to tow it was due to its hit.

The statement claimed that the destroyer successfully seized 2 tons of drugs in the Indian Ocean.

The British parade came a day after the tow of the British destroyer “Diamond,” following about 8 months of confrontations in the Red Sea.

The withdrawal is the second since Britain’s participation in the American aggression against Yemen began in January.

“Diamond” is one of several British frigates and destroyers that were deployed in the region with the start of Yemeni operations against ships associated with the Israeli occupation and were withdrawn successively under various pretexts.

“Diamond” is the last British battleship to be withdrawn, and the British Defense Ministry preempted its tow by appealing for support amid what British media described as the weakness of European capabilities and the absence of American aircraft carriers from the region.

The tow of “Diamond” came despite British reports of serious repercussions from the situation in the Red Sea, including inflation in the UK.

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