Criminal aggression led by America—the extermination of civilians by bombing and starvation

500,000 raids targeted:

– Weddings and funerals.

– Roads and bridges connecting the entire country.

Cities that were inhabited and full of life were destroyed by planes.

– Markets, clusters, cities and infrastructure.

– Water pumps, power stations and food stores.

– Destroyed the ways and ingredients of life.

– Trapping and starving civilians.

The US-coalition war on Yemen is entering its ninth year, as on March 26, a military coalition led by the United States and Saudi Arabia declared a military war on Yemen, imposing a comprehensive land, sea, and air blockade on basic imports, exports, and travelers.

The war on Yemen has failed to bring about a significant change in the targets announced by the War Storm Coalition, which is retreating on the ground in front of the advances of the army and the popular committees. but the American war has recorded tens of thousands of martyrs and wounded, and spread of epidemics and the death of thousands with incurable diseases.

On March 26, 2015, Saudi Ambassador at the time Adel al-Jubeir from Washington, D.C., announced the start of the military aggression against Yemen, imposing a comprehensive land, sea and air blockade on Yemen, preventing ships of food, medicine, fuel and essential commodities vessels from reaching Yemen, and imposing a ban on civil aviation and completely closing land ports to imports and exports.

During eight years, the aggression coalition has committed horrific massacres and massacres. And caused the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history – as the United Nations says, Where the United States of America leads the military war operations against Yemen in addition to an international and regional coalition involved in war by aircraft and armies, since then, the Coalition’s aggressive aircraft have not ceased bombing, targeting and killing civilians and destroying critical structures and installations, and ports, airports and outlets have remained closed ever since.

The American-Saudi war and the blockade of the land and sea have put Yemen’s civilian population in the face of a difficult and cruel life. Millions of people face harsh and difficult suffering in providing for their living requirements, livelihoods, food and clean water. What do the numbers say?

Crimes of Saudi-American aggression during eight years 26 March 2015-26 March 2022


Total number of martyrs and wounded: forty-six thousand, two hundred and sixty-two martyrs and wounded – children, women, the elderly, adults and young people.

Number 46.262, including 17.734 martyrs and 28.528 wounded.

Martyrs: Seventeen thousand martyrs, seven hundred and thirty-four martyrs.

Wounded: Twenty-eight thousand, five hundred and twenty-eight wounded as follows:

  • Children: 4.017 martyrs, 4.586 child wounded.
  • Women: 2.434 martyrs, 2.910 wounds
  • Men: 11,283 martyrs, 21,032 injured

Crimes of destruction:

The Coalition of Aggression targeted citizens’ homes to kill civilians intensively, and deliberately and directly targeted service and economic installations, heritage, antiquities and mosques, statistics of destruction crimes during eight years as follows:

Houses (590.069)

The aggression targeted direct and deliberate airstrikes during eight years, five hundred ninety thousand sixty-nine homes (590,069) in all of Yemen.

Service Facilities:

  • Universities and institutes: one hundred and eighty-two (182) university facilities and technical and educational institutes.
  • Mosques: One thousand six hundred twelve mosques (1612)
  • Parks and tourist facilities: three hundred and seventy-five (375) tourist facilities, parks, entertainment places.

Hospitals and health facilities: four hundred and ten (410) hospitals and health facilities.

  • Schools: The aggression targeted a thousand two hundred fourteen (1,241) schools and educational facilities at 50% of the educational structure.


  • Fifteen airports (15) were destroyed by aggression by air raids and a ban on flying to and from them.
  • Ports: sixteen (16) ports destroyed by the aggression by aerial targeting.
  • Electrical and power stations: three hundred and forty (340) stations and generators.

Telecommunications facilities: two thousand two hundred networks, broadcasting stations, buildings, centrals, towers, etc…

  • Water stations, tanks and pumps: two thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine (2799) pumps – water tanks – projects.
  • Government facilities: two thousand and ninety-one government facilities (2091), buildings.
  • Bridges and roads: six thousand seven hundred and forty-three bridges and roads (6743) linking the governorates of the Republic of Yemen.

Economic Facilities:

  • Factories: four hundred and four (404) factories: pharmaceutical factories – food factories – toy factories – plastic factories – cement factories… etc.
  • Fuel tankers: three hundred and seventy-eight (378) fuel tankers.

Commercial establishments: eleven thousand nine hundred and one (11,901) enterprises – shops – commercial malls.

  • Chicken farms and livestock barns: four hundred and thirty-three (433).

Vehicles, cars and transportation: nine thousand seven hundred and seventy (9770) means of transport – cars – vehicles.

  • Fishing boats: four hundred and eighty-two (482) fishing boats belonging to fishermen in Hudaydah, Aden and other coastal areas.
  • Food warehouses: nine hundred and ninety-nine (999): food warehouses – hangars – buildings, and others.
  • Gas stations: four hundred and sixteen (416) gas stations in various governorates.
  • Markets: six hundred and ninety-six (696) were destroyed and targeted: Various markets for vegetables – Qat – foodstuffs.
  • Food and commodity transport trucks: nine hundred and sixty-five (965) food and commodity transport trucks.

Number of strikes, number of artillery and rocket strikes:

  • The United States aggression carried out more than five hundred and seventy-nine thousand nine hundred and fifty-four targeting operations: air – artillery – missile – sea – land.
  • The US aggression coalition launched more than 274 thousand and 243 raids from March 26, 2015 to March 20, 2022.

The unjust blockade has killed more than 95 thousand patients and caused the death of fetuses in mothers’ bellies, the spread of diseases and disabilities among newborns are widespread as a result of proscribed weapons. American aggression with American missiles and bombs has deliberately and continuously targeted densely populated neighborhoods in cities and villages.

Forms of targeting:

  • Targeting social events at weddings:

The Saudi-American Coalition of Aggression turned Yemeni weddings into funerals as it has deliberately bombed weddings and joys repeatedly and deliberately, and turned the lives of Yemenis into funerals, condolences, and tragedy, rather than joy. More than 20 weddings have been bombed in all governorates over the past years, for example:

  • The aggression coalition bombed the wedding of Sanban in Dhamar governorate and killed 43 martyrs and more than 100 wounded, including 14 children, 13 women, 14 men, grooms and brides, by bombing the house of citizen Mohammed Saleh Ghoba while celebrating the wedding of his children.
  • The US-Saudi-UAE aggression coalition also targeted the wedding of Bani Qais in Hajjah governorate, which killed more than 88 martyrs and wounded, including nearly 30 children.
  • In Taiz governorate, the aggression aircraft bombed two wedding tents on the outskirts of the village of Wajha, near the port of Al-Makha, resulting in the death and injury of 131 civilians whose bodies were scattered in the wedding camp.
  • The aggression targeted the hall of Beit Maayad in the capital’s secretariat, which led to the death of more than 69 people between martyr and wounded.

Targeting solace occasions, to double the number of victims in a manner that reveals unprecedented malice and to name but a few:

  • The American aggression aircraft bombed the Great Hall in the center of the capital Sana’a on Saturday afternoon, October 8th, 2016, which led to the fall of 136 martyrs and 615 wounded in a heinous and unprecedented crime that deplores the forehead of humanity and cannot be justified or legitimized, and the crimes of aggression against mourners continued.
  • On September 21, 2016, aviation of aggression targeted a condolence council in the Souq al-Honod neighborhood of Hudaydah governorate, which led to the fall of more than 100 citizens between martyr and wounded.
  • On February 15, 2017, the aggression aircraft launched a raid on a gathering of women on a condolence occasion in the village of Shira’a in Arhab district, north of the capital Sana’a, where 17 women were killed between martyr and wounded who were gathered in the consolation of one of the families in the area.
  • Targeting telecommunications networks and stations:
  • The telecommunications sector in Yemen has been directly destroyed by America, and six hundred and nine (609) networks and communication stations have been destroyed.
  • The U.S. aggression directly destroyed 32 percent of the telecommunications infrastructure and 24 percent partially destroyed it.
  • America has led to the closure of 774 telecommunications and postal facilities throughout the Republic’s governorates.
  • America has destroyed 248 telecommunications towers, 1652 telecommunications stations, 46 Centrale facilities, 1458 power and conditioning equipment, and 32 communications cabins.
  • America has isolated 87 cities and villages in Yemen from the world by cutting off communications and Internet services to approximately one million and 315 thousand and 724 citizens, cutting off the Internet for all Yemenis and isolating Yemen for more than a week in January 2022 after destroying the international window in Hudaydah.
  • The aggression destroyed the communications building in the capital Sana’a with air strikes during the month of January.
  • The coalition of aggression targeted the telecommunications sector, which benefits all the Yemeni people, it affirms that it targets all Yemeni people without any discrimination, neither sectarian, regional, or racial. It aims at killing the Yemeni people.
  • Targeting roads and bridges:
  • Roads and bridges are the vital artery of any country in the world, and are the basis of any people’s infrastructure. However, America deliberately destroyed them to cut this artery and destroyed most of the roads and bridges in a war crime punishable by international law.
  • Since the first hours of the aggression against Yemen, America has focused on bombing roads and bridges that linking the governorates.
  • America in Yemen has destroyed six thousand seven hundred forty-three bridges and roads (6743) linking the governorates of the Republic of Yemen since the beginning of the aggression on 26 March 2015 are as follows:
  • American Aggression Coalition in Sa’ada governorate destroyed 33 bridges and ferries.
  • America destroyed 12 bridges and ferries in Hajjah governorate.
  • America in Imran governorate destroyed 12 bridges and dozens of ferries and tunnels.
  • America targeted 10 bridges in Sana ‘a governorate and dozens of ground tunnels passing by cars.
  • American aggression in Al-Mahwit governorate destroyed 6 bridges, in Ibb and Taiz governorates destroyed 10 bridges and in Lahj destroyed the historic Aqan bridge.
  • The aggression coalition destroyed the “Nakba and Harib” bridges in Shabwa governorate, as well as the “Halhlan Valley” ferry on the Marib-al-Fardah road, costing $4 million and $860,000.
  • American aggression destroyed two bridges in Al-Dhale, the “Wadi Bana” bridge and the “Wadi Joban” bridge, and destroyed two ferries in Al-Bayda governorate.

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