Ansar Allah Leader: Gaza genocide scenes are sufficient for us to take to the streets every day, not just on Friday

Ansar Allah leader Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi called for a million-person march tomorrow, Friday, in Sana’a and the provinces “in response to Allah and in solidarity with the Palestinian people.” He emphasized that “mobilization activities in military preparation, training, and military rehabilitation continue at the level of the suffering of the Palestinian people.”

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In his weekly address dedicated to discussing the latest developments in Gaza, Al-Houthi stated that “the scenes of genocide in Gaza are sufficient for anyone who has an ounce of conscience to take to the streets, even every day, not just on Fridays.” He also stressed the importance of “continuing to follow events in Palestine and not ignoring them as if they do not concern us.”

The Ansar Allah leader considered the million-person march in the streets as “befitting our people because it embodies the credibility of our religious affiliation,” adding that “in the face of the genocide in Gaza, it is not appropriate for us to put out the flags, sit in our homes, or even show any reluctance to attend the squares.”

He pointed out that the chant of millions in mass rallies with the slogan “You are not alone” is not just an empty slogan but represents a stance, affirming that “if our people were allowed to go to Palestine to fight, hundreds of thousands would move, so how about mass attendance in the public squares?”

Al-Houthi stated that “our people have never before taken to the streets in such a continuous manner with this level of million-person marches week after week,” noting that “the million-person march last week included 173 marches despite the rain in the capital, Sana’a, and some provinces.”

He mentioned that “the assessment of our enemies is that our peoples suffer from boredom, weak memory, and being conditioned to events and only react again to harsher and more difficult events,” emphasizing the importance of “going beyond our enemies’ perception of us, so they witness a reality that does not accept weakness, retreat, fatigue, or boredom.”

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