The Human Rights Office condemns mercenaries’ crimes against citizens

Taiz – Saba:

The Human Rights Office in Taiz province has condemned the crimes of abduction and killing committed by the mercenaries of the aggression against civilians in the city of Taiz, the most recent of which was circulated on social media sites regarding the abduction and torture of citizen Abdulbaqi Mohamed Ibrahim.

In a statement obtained by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), the office made it clear that the citizen Abdulbaqi was abducted, tied to a tree, and severely beaten by armed gangs affiliated with the mercenaries in Taiz city’s Al-Misrakh district. This act of savagery is against principles, values, and ethics and is a violation of human dignity.

It emphasized that this crime is part of the recurring crimes committed by the mercenaries against civilians and reveals the state of criminality and security breakdown in the areas under the control of the aggression’s mercenaries.

The statement demanded that the media and international and local organizations monitor and document this crime, pursue its perpetrators, and work on following up on the fate of the abducted individual and releasing him.

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