Defections among coalition fighters, including the minister of defense’s guard commander

On Tuesday, a number of fighters, including the Minister of Defense’s personal protection commander, announced their defection from the Saudi-Emirati coalition and their joining Sana’a’s ranks.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Five fighters have defected from the coalition, including Major Hamam Mohammed Ali Al-Muqadashi, the former Minister of Defense’s personal protection commander in the pro-coalition government; Mohammed Al-Muqadashi; and Major Fatah Al-Wasabi, the commander of the first company known as the “Third Brigade, Storm of the Borders,” according to media sources in Sana’a, northern Yemen.

It indicated that the defectors were fighting alongside the coalition on the border and in Marib. The defectors expressed their gratitude to Sana’a for warmly receiving them and called on their fellow colleagues to take advantage of the “general amnesty decision” and return to Sana’a.

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