12 Palestinians martyred in a Zionist airstrike on a cafe in the southern Gaza Strip

Hours ago, a Zionist enemy aircraft bombed a cafe in the heart of Khan Yunis city, in the southern Gaza Strip, resulting in the martyrdom of at least 12 Palestinian citizens and injuries to dozens.

Gaza / Saba:

The “Rio” cafe on Jalal Street in central Khan Yunis, which was housing a number of displaced people after their homes were destroyed, was bombed by enemy aircraft, resulting in at least 12 civilian martyrdoms and additional injuries, according to a medical source cited by the Palestinian news agency “Maan”.

The source noted that rescue teams and citizens are still working to recover the victims from the scene.

Enemy planes also targeted two mosques in Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip without reporting any injuries.

Earlier on Saturday evening, five citizens were martyred in the shelling of a house in the Zaytoun neighborhood in eastern Gaza, while five bodies were recovered from the rubble of another house in the same neighborhood belonging to the Yasin family.

Additionally, eight citizens were martyred in an enemy aircraft bombed targeting the Akeel family’s restaurant in the market of the Nuseirat camp in central Gaza.

In the same context, 11 citizens were martyred, and others were injured in a Zionist airstrike that targeted the Abu Shamala family’s house in the Tel Al-Sultan neighborhood, west of Rafah.

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