Hezbollah: We are in the heart of the battle, and the occupation’s defeat will be greater

Na’im Qassem, the Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah in Lebanon, stated on Saturday that they are in the heart of the battle with the “Israeli” occupation, warning the entity against continuing its aggression any further.

Follow ups / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Qassem stated that Hezbollah is making progress and that if the enemy persisted in its aggression, the battle would expand. He said, “There are three Israeli teams facing us, while there are five teams in opposition to Gaza.”

He said in a message to the West and the US of America: The Palestinian resistance is no longer “a party, a group, or a region; it is entire peoples,” no one can monopolize it.

He added that their role is to accompany and confront, in line with their vision that serves the victory of the resistance, the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem, and the interests of our nation. The party is not obliged to disclose its plan.

Hezbollah’s current actions in the south, he pointed out, are merely a step in the confrontation; if more is needed, they will respond accordingly. He continued by saying that the enemy is perplexed by their activities and that the Israeli ground invasion of Gaza would turn the area into an enemy cemetery.

The resistance continued its missile strikes on military targets of the occupying army in northern-occupied Palestine from southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah announced in a military statement that it targeted the Roueissat Al-Alam site in the occupied Shebaa Farms, as well as the hills of Kafr Shouba, with rockets and “appropriate weapons.”

It stated that its groups targeted the Israeli military outpost of Al-Abbad on the border, destroying its technologies and technical equipment. According to the military statement, the party also targeted the “Hanita” site with guided rockets.

In a related context, the Fajr Forces, affiliated with the Islamic Group in Lebanon, announced the shelling of sites on the borders with occupied Palestine today.

After being targeted by the resistance, media sources revealed a fire within the Israeli “Bar’am” location on the Lebanese-Palestinian border.

Two injuries occurred within the “Merkalot” settlement, according to Israeli media, after being targeted by a guided missile.

They stated that the resistance launched an anti-armor shell towards the “Bar’am” settlement on the Palestinian-Lebanese border during daylight hours. Local sources reported that the occupation army shelled a vehicle in the town of Houla and targeted other areas in the south with artillery fire.

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