Al-Mashat: The Americans threaten to restart war in Yemen; we will escalate our position on Gaza

Mahdi Al-Mashat, the President of the Supreme Political Council (the highest authority in Sana’a), stated that Washington is threatening Sana’a with a return to war in Yemen due to the latter’s position on the aggression against Gaza, affirming that this “does not worry us.”

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

During the official inauguration of the activities of the Supreme Committee for the National Campaign to Support Al-Aqsa, al-Mashat pointed out that “the US threatens to restart the war, which is a disgraceful message to all the forces fighting against Yemen that they are slaves to the American and tools for the Jews.” He emphasized, “Threats of war do not frighten us, and the Yemeni people are ready and prepared, by the will of Allah, with full strength.”

He added, “We hope to be able to support our Palestinian brothers more in the face of the West’s aggression against them, as it is a religious, ethical, and humanitarian responsibility.” He affirmed, “We and all the resistance movements stand with you, and positions will continue to escalate until the Israeli aggression is thwarted.”

He continued, “Our Yemeni people have great aspirations to support the Palestinian cause because they have the chivalry of Arab Muslims who reject humiliation, and we must live up to these aspirations.”

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