Thwarting a British attempt to break the siege of Israel

On Sunday, a high-ranking military official in Sana’a revealed the behind-the-scenes of the recent decision to ban the activity of all ships heading to Israel.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The deputy director of the Moral Guidance Department, Brigadier General Abdullah Amer, said that Britain tried to come up with more inventive ways to get around the decision to ban the activity of Israeli ships in Yemeni lanes. He mentioned that one of the options that Britain suggested was for the ship to be non-Israeli and unaffiliated with the occupation, but part of its cargo would be going to Israeli ports.

Brigadier General Bin Amer emphasized that Sana’a’s recent decision put an end to all such attempts.

Late Saturday evening, Sana’a forces announced the ban on the activity of all ships heading to Israeli ports, including those flying non-Israeli flags and holding foreign nationalities.

This decision came after statements from the British Marine Trade Organization, which sought to guide ships in a way that would break the blockade imposed on Israel.

The movement of ships to and from Eilat through the Red Sea and Arabian Sea was completely paralyzed as a result of the new decision.

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