Enemy media: Yemen has become a real threat to Israel

According to Israeli website BizPortal, the ports in the entity have become paralyzed and goods are being delayed, and after the threats in the Red Sea region, ships are “turning around” and container prices are rising by 25–40%, depending on the quantity of the imported product and where it came from.

Follow up – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Such price hikes contribute to inflation and may also impact future interest rate decisions, the website stated, according to website.

It added that if transportation costs until today were around $2,000, companies now have to spend much more. And soon, price hikes.

The website pointed out that the real fear is the damage to the automotive industry, since rising costs cause demand to decline because they are also rising in Israel.

The website confirms that it is not a coincidence that the mention of Houthis among the major corporations in the past few days has been widely hesitated. Their name often comes even in the upper part of Hamas.

The website stated, “Yemenis are no longer a TikTok joke, but rather they have become a real threat. Not a security threat, but an economic threat to Israel.”

Yesterday, we witnessed a drop in the shares of firms like Israel Corporation and ACL due to the recent attacks and threats of attacking Israeli ships.

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The Sana’a forces announced that they targeted a ship heading to Israel with a drone after the ship’s crew ignored warnings and that they forced a number of ships to change their course while heading to the Israeli entity in the past 48 hours.

This is the fourth ship targeted by Sana’a. The “Galaxy Leader” ship, owned by an Israeli businessman, was also seized and taken to Hudaydah.

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