Sana’a rejects a US-Western offer regarding the Israeli siege

Sana’a, on Sunday, rejected a US-Western offer to end the siege of Israel.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Mohammed Abdul-Salam, the head of the negotiating delegation, reiterated his refusal to subject Yemen’s position on Gaza to bargaining, emphasizing the need to lift the blockade on Gaza and allow the entry of food and medicine to de-escalation.

The head of the negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdul-Salam, emphasized the necessity to end the siege on Gaza and permit the entry of food and medicine in order to de-escalation. He repeated his refusal to subject Yemen’s position on Gaza to bargaining.

Abdul-Salam commented on indirect negotiations mediated by Oman with international parties regarding operations in the Red Sea.

He affirmed the continuation of operations against the Israeli occupation until the demands to end the blockade and halt the aggression in Gaza are met.

The US POLITICO website confirmed that Sana’a and Washington had communicated through regional intermediaries regarding navigation in the Red Sea. Abdul-Salam’s statement came a few days after remarks by US envoy to Yemen Tim Lenderking, in which he discussed the escalation in the Red Sea and peace in Yemen with regional parties, especially the Sultanate of Oman, which is sponsoring negotiations with Sana’a.

The US is striving to address the Red Sea issue through political agreements in Yemen, with the objective of exempting the Israeli occupation. It is an important pressure card that disturbs it.

An extension of previous messages issued by Ansar Allah leader Abdul Malik Al-Houthi, in which he stressed that Yemen’s position on Gaza is humanitarian and ethical, Abdul Salam’s statements come.

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