International negotiations for calm in the Red Sea

An international official revealed on Sunday negotiations for calm in the Red Sea, following what was described as “the most violent” confrontations with attempts by Britain and America to militarize the Red Sea.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The President of the International Maritime Organization, Arsenio Dominguez, stated in an interview with Agence France-Presse that the organization is tirelessly working to find a solution to the crisis in the Red Sea, confirming the existence of a dialogue with all parties involved.

The international official, whose organization is based in Britain, expressed “optimism” about the possibility of resolving the crisis.

He also admitted that redirecting ships away from the Red Sea is not a solution, emphasizing that passing through the Cape of Good Hope increases transportation costs and has a human impact on sailors.

Dominguez considered dialogue to be the optimal way to restore a safe maritime environment.

After the failure of military efforts to break the Yemeni decision to ban Israeli navigation, international moves were initiated for a diplomatic resolution to the Red Sea crisis.

The Yemeni forces expanded their targets to include American and British ships after they carried out a massive aggression against Yemen, which has been ongoing since January 11th.

Sana’a asserts that navigation in the Red Sea is safe except for Israeli ships or those heading to occupation ports.

Meanwhile, America attempted to break the blockade on Israel by promoting allegations of targeting international navigation; its propaganda, through which it aimed to form an alliance to protect Israel, ended in failure.

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