US contacts to contain the Red Sea crisis diplomatically

The US failed on Wednesday to diplomatically contain the Red Sea crisis.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yamani:

Confrontations have renewed in the Red Sea as the US announced it carried out new airstrikes on the province of Hudaydah, at a time when it reported targeting an American and Greek battleship as well as attacks on ships in the Arabian Sea.

These developments come on the eve of the British newspaper “Financial Times” revealing US mediation with Iran to establish diplomatic channels with what they describe as the “Houthis.”

During the contacts, new offers were presented, most notably expanding the influence of the “Houthis” in power in Yemen, in addition to their removal from the sanctions list, and other privileges in exchange for halting operations in the Red Sea and releasing the Israeli ship Galaxy Leader.

Sources indicated that the “Houthis” have stuck to their position of ending the war and lifting the siege on Gaza to reduce the escalation. They reiterated that their stance is humanitarian, fraternal, and non-negotiable.

The newspaper did not clarify the results of the talks, but the resumption of airstrikes and operations indicates their failure.

Furthermore, a statement from the Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs also confirmed the failure of communications with Yemen regarding the release of detained crew members of the Galaxy Leader.

The US diplomatic movements coincide with the failure of its ongoing military operations since January to halt the Yemeni operations.

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