Withdrawal of a third European country from the Union’s military mission in Yemen

A new Western country announced on Tuesday its withdrawal from participating in the European mission in the Red Sea.

This comes in conjunction with ongoing Yemeni operations against Israeli navigation amid Western failure to contain it.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Belgium confirmed the cancellation of deploying its frigate “Louise-Marie” in the Red Sea after it had reached the Mediterranean on its way to participate in the European mission, known as “Operation Aspides,” which was deployed in February.

The NATO member state claimed that the cancellation of the frigate’s deployment was due to its failure during drone interception exercises, stating that one of the interception missiles remained stuck in its launcher during the training.

Belgium becomes the third European country to officially withdraw from the European Union mission in the Red Sea, following Denmark, which withdrew its only frigate in the Red Sea, and France, which announced a similar withdrawal amid Yemeni confirmation that those battleships were subject to air attacks.

The repeated withdrawal of Western countries from the Red Sea reflects the intensity of Yemeni operations and Western concerns about facing setbacks in light of the failure of air defenses to intercept maritime attacks.

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