With the gradual withdrawal of battleships and the launch of the Berlin conference, France reveals a European plan for a ground war in Yemen

On Tuesday, France revealed a dangerous Western plan being plotted against Yemen, coinciding with its military failure to halt Yemeni operations against Israeli occupation.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Clarissa Paolini, the French Deputy Coordinator at the United Nations, revealed during her briefing to the Security Council yesterday regarding Yemen that the new European Union plan aims to support what she described as “reforms” undertaken by the pro-coalition government in southern Yemen and provide necessary support to reclaim the remaining Yemeni areas. This clearly indicates the European Union’s inclination to ignite the situation internally.

The French official’s statement coincides with the launch of a European conference in the German capital, Berlin, dedicated to discussing support for the pro-coalition authority in southern Yemen.

Media sources reported that Rashad Al-Aleemi has appointed close associates in intelligence to participate in the conference.

Several Western countries launched an attack on Sana’a under the pretext of replacing the 100-rial banknote with metallic ones, despite the silence of these countries regarding the issuance of billions of riyals by the Aden government in various currency denominations.

The focus of Western parties is on their attack against Sana’a regarding the replacement of damaged banknotes, which experts consider a pretext to legitimize the financing of the Aden government, which is suffering economically due to its decision to flood the local market with new currencies.

Furthermore, the timing of the Western parties’ statement regarding support for the coalition government in Aden indicates that it is among the alternative options to subdue Yemen and force it to halt operations against Israeli occupation in solidarity with Gaza, especially as these moves come parallel to the gradual return of European battleships due to their complete failure in securing navigation to Israeli ports since their deployment in the Red Sea last February.

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