In “Million-Man” marches… Yemenis authorize Ansar Allah Leader to deter the Saudi regime

Yemenis have authorized the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, on Friday “to take all necessary measures to deter the aggressors against the Yemeni people.” At the same time, they warned the Saudi regime “against involvement in harming our Yemeni people in service of the Israeli enemy and supporting it in obedience to America.”

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The massive crowds that gathered today in Sab’een Square and several Yemeni provinces praised “the level of coordination and unity among Palestinian factions in Gaza, in contrast to the Israeli enemy’s internal divisions and resignations that demonstrate its failure.”

They also hailed “the qualitative and escalating operations of the support fronts in Lebanon and Iraq, as well as the qualitative and influential operations carried out by our Yemeni armed forces,” calling for the continuation of joint operations between the Yemeni forces and the Islamic Resistance in Iraq as part of the fourth phase of escalation in support of Gaza.

The statement of the mass marches addressed the Israeli occupation entity, saying, “You are ephemeral, and your bet on promises and American and Western support has failed, as the Americans have been unable to protect themselves,” while the statement condemned the silence of Arab regimes in light of what is happening in Gaza.

The Yemeni mass marches called on the Arab and Islamic nations to fulfill their responsibility towards the crimes of genocide taking place in Gaza and all of Palestine, affirming to the people of Gaza, “You are not alone. Allah is with you, and all the free people of the world are with you, and our Yemeni people are with you. We will continue and strive to offer more.”

Yemenis praised the arrest of an American and Israeli spying network, considering it a “strategic achievement for the September 21 Revolution and a blow to the hidden hands that have undermined the state and kept it in its current state.” They affirmed that they would stand alongside their security apparatus to strike with an iron fist and eliminate the criminals.

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