Consecutive condemnations of the coalition factions’ crime in Maqbanah

Human rights organizations have denounced the pro-coalition factions’ crime of targeting citizens in the Maqbanah district, where 17 people—mostly women and children—were killed and injured.

Taiz / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Eye of Humanity Center, Civil Conglomerate for Development and Freedoms, Free Voices for Media Organization, Monaseroon for Rights and Freedoms Organization, Yemaniat Foundation for Children and Women, and Entesaf Organization for Women and Child Rights issued strongly worded statements condemning the crime, considering it a grave violation of international humanitarian law and an extension of the Saudi-Emirati coalition’s crimes.

In the same context, activists called on the Sana’a forces to respond immediately to these crimes, emphasizing that the coalition bears responsibility and can’t disassociate itself from them.

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