Sana’a reflected the coalition’s goals and manufactured all types of strategic weapons

Al-Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr Al-din Al-Houthi, the leader of the “Ansar Allah” movement, stated in a speech commemorating the “ninth anniversary of the September 21 revolution” that the Prophet’s birthday next Wednesday would mark the beginning of radical changes in the government institutions in Sana’a, stressing that the magnitude of the imbalances in the official situation requires a radical change that gives the people hope and recovery.

Sana’a / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Al-Houthi clarified that “working on reforming the situation of state institutions is a national necessity, a popular demand, and an important foundation for the country’s resilience against enemies and turning challenges into opportunities.” He confirmed that the priority after confronting the coalition is “correcting the situation in state institutions as a fundamental goal of our revolution and a popular demand that we are working to fulfill.”

“The magnitude of war, siege, and hostile conspiracies have had a greater impact on the deteriorating situation of state institutions,” he added, “as it is the main reason for the cessation of salaries, the primary source of which was oil and gas revenues.”

The leader of “Ansar Allah” explained that the foundations and principles that Sana’a will rely on in the radical change are “the faith identity of our people, with a comprehensive vision within the context of common denominators, national partnership, and achieving independence and freedom for our country,” pointing out that the new phase in state institutions requires our country to become a producer rather than relying on imports for everything.

The Americans’ relationship with Yemen before and after September 21:

Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, the leader of the “Ansar Allah” movement, said that Americans “pushed the leaders and officials in the previous regime to implement their destructive policies and wanted Yemenis themselves to be the ones destroying their own country.”

In his speech, Al-Houthi emphasized that the Yemeni people had been “vigilant against the Americans” and rose up in their blessed revolution to put an end to the disaster that prevailed in the country before the twenty-first of September.

He pointed out that after the failure of “their plans to contain the revolution, the Americans and the British, with Israeli instigation, implicated regional forces, led by the Saudi and Emirati regimes, in launching a treacherous aggression against our people,” referring to the war on Yemen.

During the war on Yemen since March 2015, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi explained that the Saudi-Emirati coalition “has killed tens of thousands of our people, committed crimes of genocide, and targeted everything, revealing its true nature and objectives. ” The suffocating blockade, he continued, “has turned the issue of obtaining food and medicine into a dilemma with onerous costs and has increased the suffering of our people.”

The coalition, according to the commander, Al-Sayyed, “occupied large parts of our country and continued its hostile policy of tearing apart the national fabric and recruiting extremists and mercenaries against its people and tribes.” “The enemy launched a deceptive and economic war,” he continued, “to divert attention from its heinous actions and from the humanitarian and national priorities in confronting its aggression and conspiracies against our country.”

Sana’a reflected the coalition’s goals and manufactured all types of strategic weapons:

Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, the leader of the “Ansar Allah” movement, announced that their missile force is in increasing development and has been able to manufacture “missiles of various ranges and types,” stressing that Sana’a has directed its efforts towards manufacturing all types of weapons and military requirements, from pistols to missiles, despite the severe blockade imposed by the coalition.

Al-Houthi said this military achievement was a result of opposing the goals of the aggression coalition. He noted that “combat operations, damaging strikes, and accurate targeting—and today, prototypes of them were on display in military parades in Al-Sab’een square.”

He added that whereas the valiant naval force had manufactured various types of naval weapons, the drone department had manufactured aircraft with a variety of ranges and distances. The air force and air defense also made significant contributions.

The “Ansar Allah” leader confirmed that confronting the coalition aggression should be given top priority since it will remain so until the end of the aggression, blockade, and occupation. He highlighted the despicable economic conspiracies of the enemies, as they targeted the national currency alongside the severe blockade, destruction of factories, and control over gas fields.

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