Hebrew media: The fall of one Yemeni missile on Eilat will cause a real disaster for Israel

The Israeli enemy media revealed new information about the attack carried out by Yemen towards the entity, which the US announced was intercepted.

Follow-ups / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Hebrew Channel 14 stated that the intercepted attack, on its way to the Palestinian territories occupied by the entity, was far greater than the public anticipated.

The Houthis launched missiles with warheads weighing a cumulative 1.6 tons (four missiles weighing 410 kg each). They were apparently intended to target the hotel area in Eilat, which is currently filled with displaced people from the south, or strategic facilities, according to the channel’s correspondent, Tamer Morag.

He added that in the port of Eilat, one of these missiles would have caused a mass catastrophe, noting that Yemen also launched 15 suicide drones, each carrying a warhead weighing around 40 kilograms.

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