Sana’a: We face occupation, America, and Britain in support of our brothers in Gaza

A member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, said today, Sunday, that the position of the people and the army forces in Sana’a in support of the oppressed Palestinian people is a religious and faith-based stance, not for a political goal.

Follow ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Al-Houthi continued in a press interview, “Yemen confronts America, Britain, and the Israeli enemy in support of our brothers in Gaza and in solidarity with them,” stressing that the recent barbaric terrorist strikes of aggression are condemned and failed.

He also stated that if Saudi Arabia stood by Gaza today as it stood against the Yemeni people, it would have been better for it, despite confirming that its aggression on Yemen and its stated goals will not be achieved. The evidence of their great failure is their direct targeting of civilians, hospitals, and schools.

Al-Houthi considered the targeting of free resistance fighters who reject American hegemony in Yemen, Lebanon, or Iraq as targeting the Palestinian cause. He sent a message to the Zionist entity, saying, “No matter how persistent you are in your arrogance and criminality against the Palestinian people, your inevitable end is failure.”

He clarified that there are reassurances to the Chinese and Russians through embassies regarding maritime navigation, considering that invoking Security Council Resolution 2216 is an invocation of failure, and the use of force against our country is illegal and unjustified.

He demanded Arab regimes not to allow aircraft to take off from bases in the Arab homeland or transfer weapons from those bases to “Israel,” indicating that “the Arabs have many cards in their hands, and if they wanted to play them, they would have great results, but this indicates their surrender.”

He condemned the silence of Arab and Islamic regimes until now, which did not come out with a clear condemnation of the Zionist aggression on Gaza, explaining that America will not remain dominant on the world, and in the era in which it spoke of large battleships, we now possess weapons that can reach it.

In memory of the Yemeni steadfastness against aggression, Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi said, “We say to our people: “Here is your resilience and sacrifices. We stand with pride in the face of the arrogant America, “Israel,” and Britain,” noting that the Saudi American aggression did not expect Yemen’s resilience for nine years, and its primary goal was to eradicate the Yemeni people and its Mujahideen.

Al-Houthi stressed that no negotiations can be entered into before resolving the humanitarian file, which includes the payment of salaries, the restoration of electricity, and the provision of services. He considered that political negotiations with Saudi Arabia have reached principles and a general framework regarding the humanitarian aspect, which is a priority for us.

He considered that what exists between Yemen and Saudi Arabia is a de-escalation, not a truce, and he praised the families of Yemeni martyrs who sacrificed a martyr or a wounded person and raised their children for jihad in the path of Allah. He said in his interview, “We delivered a message to Saudi Arabia that it will be a target if it allows American aircraft to use its territory or airspace in the aggression against Yemen.”

He called on Saudi Arabia, as the leader of aggression after America, to move forward with the peace issue and not engage in procrastination, and evasion is not in its interest, stating that “the Arabs have many cards in their hands, and if they wanted to play them, they would have great results, but this indicates their surrender.”

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