British disclosure of shared American concerns about the Houthis’ victory in the Red Sea and hinting at ground intervention

Britain revealed on Monday that its shared concerns with the US regarding the repercussions of the victory of what it described as the “Houthis” in the battle of the Red Sea.

This comes in conjunction with reports of the resumption of negotiations with Saudi Arabia by Omani mediation following months of suspension due to Yemeni operations against Israeli navigation.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The British intelligence center known as “Gray Dynamics” claimed in its analysis that the ambitions of the Houthis go beyond the Red Sea, which it considered could lead to the internationalization of the conflict, indicating a larger American-British escalation in Yemen.

The center pointed out that the military capabilities of Ansar Allah and their organizational structure complicate future paths, not only at the local level but also regionally, referring to Western plans to redraw the new reality in the region.

It also revealed American concerns that any response to the Red Sea attacks could lead to the collapse of peace negotiations and empower what he described as the “Houthis” to seize control of Marib, the most important oil province in northern Yemen.

The success of the Yemeni forces in causing significant damage to targets, whether inside Yemen or across the borders, and their impact on maritime navigation in the region highlights the significance of the strategic movement in the conflict at the regional level.

The center concluded its analysis with three options, the most prominent being a larger American escalation in Yemen, which would involve international and regional parties in the conflict or relying on internal divisions to weaken Yemen militarily and politically. Both options are considered nearly impossible given what was described as the ideology of the Ansar Allah movement and its organizational structure and military capabilities.

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