Al-Houthi reveals the content of a warning message sent from Sana’a to Riyadh regarding the American aggression

Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, a member of the “Supreme Political Council” in Sana’a, stated that “Yemen emerged from the aggression stronger than it was,” in reference to the Saudi-Emirati war coalition that began in March 2015, confirming that this alliance failed from its first day when it targeted the population, hospitals, and schools.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In his interview with the “Al-Masirah” channel, Al-Houthi revealed the nature of the relationship between Sana’a and Saudi Arabia at this stage, saying, “What is happening between Yemen and Saudi Arabia is a de-escalation, not a truc.” He also indicated that they have reached a general framework and principles agreement in political negotiations with Riyadh regarding the humanitarian aspect.

A member of the Supreme Political Council in Sana’a emphasized that they cannot engage in any negotiations before resolving the humanitarian file, which includes the payment of salaries, the restoration of electricity, and the provision of services.

Regarding the situation in Gaza, al-Houthi said, “If Saudi Arabia stood by Gaza as it stood against the Yemeni people, it would have been better for it.” He called on Arab and Islamic regimes to reduce the export of oil derivatives to Europe and America by 50%, which would have implications.

Al-Houthi pointed out that Sana’a conveyed a message to Saudi Arabia that it would become a target if it allowed American aircraft to use its territory or airspace in the aggression against Yemen, which was a result of Sana’a’s stance on Gaza. He affirmed to the Americans and the British, “Your barbaric terrorist strikes are condemned and futile.”

He demanded Arab regimes not to allow aircraft to take off from bases in the Arab homeland or transfer weapons from those bases to “Israel,” indicating that “the Arabs have many cards in their hands, and if they wanted to play them, they would have great results, but this indicates their surrender.”

The Ansar Allah movement leader, Mohammed Al-Houthi, considered that “invoking UN Security Council Resolution 2216 is an invocation of failure, and the use of force against our country is illegal and unjustified,” affirming that “America will not remain dominant on the world, and in the era in which it spoke about large battleships, we now have weapons that can reach them.”

He revealed that Sana’a provided “reassurances to the Chinese and Russians through embassies, and we reassure other countries at the same level regarding maritime navigation,” affirming that Sana’a’s operations only target “Israeli,” American, and British navigation and ships associated with the entity.

Mohammed Al-Houthi confirmed that the Sana’a forces benefit “from actual and real maneuvers in the field of operations in which they support their brothers in Palestine and carry out development and training,” sending a message to the occupation entity saying, “No matter how persistent you are in your arrogance and criminality against the Palestinian people, your inevitable end is failure.”

He called on “Arab peoples to be free and vigilant and to participate in continuous demonstrations to support the Palestinian cause,” and to the Yemeni people he said, “Here is your steadfastness and sacrifices. We stand with dignity against the arrogant United States, ‘Israel,’ and Britain.”

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